• Benefits of Stress Management

    When you care deeply for the health and wellness of each valued employee,
    you practice sustainability at its core."


    - Leah Crescenzo, Bija Initiative Founder

    Benefits for your Business

    Looking at the Big Picture

    • Reduced health care costs
    • Decreased absenteeism due to illness, anxiety and depression

    • Decreased organizational risk
    • Reduction in Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management claims

    • Increased productivity, profits and a healthier bottom line

    • Increased employee loyalty and retention

    • A more positive company culture

    • Increased morale

    Benefits for the Individual

    Healthy Individuals Make a Healthy Organization

    • Reduction in heart disease, ulcers, digestive problems, migraines, anxiety, obesity, substance abuse and depression (all mainly caused by chronic stress)
    • Clarity and focus

    • Resiliency and boundless energy

    • Improved communication

    • Improved overall health and well-being

    • Resiliency from within

    • Increased morale
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