• Stress Management Tools for Your Business

    It's not just Health Care, it's Self Care

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Shifting Reactivity to Responsiveness

    Workshops teach the power of imagination/visualization to help the body and mind relax, decompress and heal itself. In ongoing classes, participants are led through breathing exercises, guided imagery, and the use of a mantra.


    These classes are scheduled twice weekly or weekly for optimal effect.

    Yoga Interlude

    Becoming Stronger & More Flexible

    Yoga at Your Desk and breathing practices include a gentle series of movement, based on ancient yoga postures that can easily be done at a desk, in a boardroom, or on the yoga mat, depending on the space available. Breathing practices include breath regulation, breath retention and other ancient practices that aid in promoting the relaxation response.

    Integrative Nutrition

    Cultivating Health through Food

    Workplace nutrition habits have a major impact on physical, psychological and emotional health. We see food as building blocks for the construct of a healthy individual. Our ongoing nutritional coaching, lunch-and-learn programs, and workshops are designed to teach the employee how to have a healthier relationship with food.

  • Testimonials

    We've got top notch clients!

    - Blaik Westhoff

    Phoebe Richland

    “I have experienced a reduction in stress levels in all areas of my life. I am breathing

    and stretching before bed and I am sleeping much better.”

    - Nicole Diaz

    Community Services for Children

    “I find myself trying some of the poses at my desk now. I really like that you showed us

    some we can do without getting on the floor at work.”

    - Jamie Moyer

    Phoebe Richland

    “It helped me to relax and make the transition between work and home easier… I leave work on time now on
    Mondays and am not staying as long on other days. I can pretty well let stress slide off due to meditation.”

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