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    Wellness Startup Company Bija Initiative Expands to the Lehigh Valley

    Offering tools such as meditation, yoga and functional nutrition, Bija Initiative empowers organizations to address the job stress epidemic and improve the wellbeing of their employees and business


    May 31, 2016 – Lehigh Valley, Pa. – Bija Initiative, a startup committed to helping organizations grow stronger and more resilient by addressing job-related stress, has expanded to the Lehigh Valley region, thanks to a collaboration with entrepreneur/yoga instructor Kelly Prentice.


    “I am thrilled to collaborate with Bija Initiative founder Leah Crescenzo to help business owners take a closer look at the wellbeing of their employees, and their own quality of life, hence the strength and vitality of their entire organization,” says Prentice, who teaches yoga and mindfulness at Lehigh Valley yoga studios and at Lafayette College.


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    We've got top notch clients!

    - Blaik Westhoff

    Phoebe Richland

    “I have experienced a reduction in stress levels in all areas of my life. I am breathing

    and stretching before bed and I am sleeping much better.”

    - Nicole Diaz

    Community Services for Children

    “I find myself trying some of the poses at my desk now. I really like that you showed us

    some we can do without getting on the floor at work.”

    - Jamie Moyer

    Phoebe Richland

    “It helped me to relax and make the transition between work and home easier… I leave work on time now on
    Mondays and am not staying as long on other days. I can pretty well let stress slide off due to meditation.”

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