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    Our Mission

    Welcome to Bija Initiative! We are a group of former corporate employees turned yoginis whose mission is to break the cycle of stress in the workplace. We spent more than four decades in Corporate environments and know all too well the issues you face.


    Our vision is to transform your place of business into a positive, creative place, where employees love to go. By sharing the tools of meditation and the technology of yoga and breathing practice, our wellness coaches help employees care for themselves. As a side benefit, you’ll find your team (and your business) is more happy, creative, AND productive.

    The Workplace Epidemic

    Ever since the financial crisis, everyone in our fast-paced business world is being asked to do more with less. We get it, we have been there. In the name of speed, CEOs rush their way through meetings, one more thing is added to your workload, and sometimes, employees crumble emotionally under pressure. Some workers even turn to violence. The state of the American workplace has many side effects, but perhaps the most damaging is stress. Deepak Chopra calls stress the number one epidemic of our civilization, causing people to fall victim to mental and physical disease.

    A Solution: Upgrade the Nervous System

    When an employee is facing a challenge, his nervous system and mind instantly go into a stress reaction of “fight or flight.” It has been shown that an average person goes through this cycle 12 times each day. This reactive stress cycle affects digestion, heart rate, the immune system, and an employee’s overall well-being. We have an ancient solution to this epidemic: upgrade the nervous system! The tools of meditation, breathing, and yoga stop this process before it begins, so the person is able to respond rather than react. In addition, they are able to do so from a clear, focused state of mind. As you practice meditation, you might find you communicate more effectively, you are more productive, and you begin to reap the benefits of happiness and health.

    You Can Make a Difference

    Here's the good news: You can make a difference! Together, we can address the stress epidemic head on. Since Americans spend the majority of their waking hours at work, we believe that every business is an agent of change. Your employees can learn to manage stress in a productive way under any circumstance. As a start, they can learn simple tools for profound self care. Sign up below for our latest publication, "10 Principles from Yoga to keep employees passionate, engaged, and content."


    **The Sanskrit term Bija means “seed” and is used as a metaphor for the origin or cause of things. Our mission is to address the origin or cause of an epidemic we all face: stress in the workplace.

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