• Mindfulness at Work

    We believe every business is an agent of change.

  • Benefits of Mindful Leadership


    Our livestream and on-site workshops teach the power of mindfulness and yoga to help the body relax and decompress, and help the mind quiet and focus, so that you can listen more deeply and become the kind of caring leader who makes decisions that benefit all.

    Transform Your Business

    Looking at the Big Picture

    • Reduced health care costs
    • Decreased absenteeism due to illness, anxiety and depression

    • Decreased organizational risk
    • Reduction in Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management claims

    • Increased productivity, profits and a healthier bottom line

    • Increased employee loyalty and retention

    • A more positive company culture

    • Increased morale


    Help Employees Thrive

    Healthy Individuals Make a Healthy Organization

    • Reduction in heart disease, ulcers, digestive problems, migraines, anxiety, obesity, substance abuse and depression (all mainly caused by chronic stress)
    • Clarity and focus

    • Resiliency and boundless energy

    • Improved communication

    • Improved overall health and well-being

    • Resiliency from within

    • Better listening – the underlying skill of leadership
    • Increased morale
  • You Can Make a Difference

    Since Americans spend the majority of their waking hours at work, we believe every business is an agent of change. To solve the leadership crisis, companies need to put people at the center of their strategy. We can help you develop managers and executives who lead with mindfulness and compassion.


    Click here to access "10 Yoga Principles That Will Benefit Your Employees." Contact us today to discuss your customized wellness program.


    Together, we can address the stress epidemic head on.

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