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Who are you? Who are you, really?

By Kelly Prentice, Bija Wellness Coach

We wear so many hats in one day, it’s a wonder that we remember who we are. Daughter, wife, mother, yoga teacher, writer, short-order cook, student… Those are just a few.

What are some of your hats?

Do you find it difficult to switch hats throughout the day? Say, for example, you’re switching from the "Father" hat as you help your kids get ready for school, into the polished professional hat as you enter the 8:30 board meeting?

That’s what the ancient rishis were talking about when they talked about Avidya. Avidya is the first of the five kleshas (or troubles) in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the ancient and revered yoga text. While Avidya is often translated as "ignorance," it is better defined as mistaking illusion to be reality, or losing sight of your oneness with the Universe.

With all of these masks we wear, we start to lose who we are. What keeps you from your True Nature? As you are acting out your roles, do you start to think you are the actor?

In my recent LifeForce Yoga training with Rose Kress, RYT, LFYE, YACEP, and Deborah Lubetkin, Psy.D., RYT, we all asked ourselves this very question with partners, in a deep meditative journey. Our partners whispered the question into our ear, “Who are you?” and we whispered our heart’s answer. Then they whispered, “Who are you, really?”

Who are you, really, underneath all of the hats, all of the masks that you wear? If you are even slightly curious about these questions, give Leah or me a call and we will set up some yoga nidra sessions. It’s an experiential thing that you need to feel in your body.

Bija Initiative ( offers personalized wellness services to businesses using the tools of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and nutrition. Contact me or Leah to design your office wellness suite today! and

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