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Something shifted

Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival rocked with love, raw emotion

By Kelly Prentice, Bija Wellness Coach

I'll admit, I missed the past few years of the Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival. So I was thrilled to make it, and teach a meditation this year. Upon walking into Haupert Union Building yesterday, during the opening meditation, I was struck by a feeling, a sense that something had changed. Something shifted.

What was it? I couldn't put my finger on it.

Then I saw someone from 10 years back, we hugged, and it was as if we'd never skipped a beat. The vendors at each table radiated a loving-kindness as chiropractors offered free services and Metta Relaxation raffled off a float in their salt pool once an hour. I imagined myself floating in that buoyant water. Faces of every color, shape, and size sat riveted as Terry Coe of Arsha Vidya Gurukulum talked of the true meaning of yoga in the Vedic tradition. One person connected with another in intricate, gorgeous webs. "What's the one thing we cannot perceive via knowledge or inference?" he asked. The Self. In another room, more than 45 radiant souls asked Iris Kish of Easton Yoga about how to navigate the seasons using ayurveda.

I saw three more familiar faces. I walked out and saw another person from even further back, from my old neighborhood. I lay in a tiny room with him and 60 other yogis packed like sardines, we lightly bumped into one another as we twisted our legs in whatever way felt right ... riveted by Stephanie MoDavis's story (YogaMos Healing Sanctuary) of sickness, pain, healing, and the intense shifts happening in the Earth's energy with the amping up of the Schumann Resonance (The heartbeat of the Earth!! I need to read more about this). This was raw emotion. We were changed in some way after this yin practice of just 4 or 5 postures, feeling grounded like I haven't in weeks.

Yea, I feel the shifts, Stephanie. The Lehigh Valley feels the heartbeat of the Earth.

During the chakra clearing meditation I led, one person told me she believed she felt a clearing of her root chakra as she used the seed syllable "Lum." I watched a mother connect with her daughter through the experience of breath, sound, and silence.

Of course, Dalien made me laugh, he always does... but that was after his raw story of almost dying due to Crohn's disease and other ailments of his gut. Digging deep. The core work we did to ramp up the digestive fire, balanced by the cooling shavasana with the gong, took me straight into my heart. He asked us to forgive someone in that space. All of the summertime struggles with my sweet little boy washed away in a wave of tears.

The true meaning of yoga shone through, all of us inching closer to balance & harmony, in a turbulent world. Each and every one of us is a part of that divine energy that ran through it, whatever we choose to call it.

Lehigh Valley yogis, this practice can transform. Not only can it bring us together as community; it can heal us together. All proceeds from the festival will go to the Pratyush Sinha Foundation, bringing health and harmony direct to local schools through yoga and mindfulness.

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