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    I spent more than two decades in corporate environments and another in nonprofit organizations. One day, I walked into the office and felt so overwhelmed by the amount of work, I was frozen. I jumped in anyway, working day and into the night trying to do the job of three people.


    Sound familiar? After a year on this hamster wheel, digestive troubles bubbled up. It became a real problem when I had to run to the restroom every time I ate. After three diagnoses and a lot of research, I finally got to the bottom of my digestive issues which had flared up due to stress.


    The thing that saved me? A consistent mindfulness and yoga practice that empowered me to transform stress into empowerment and I began to thrive in my career and in my life.


    Everyone in the business world is being asked to do more with less. I get it. There's been a global pandemic. There's the economic crisis. But have you noticed employees crumbling emotionally under pressure? Some workers even turn to violence. How can we address this state of stress, hostility, and the discontent found in American workplaces today?

    Kelly Prentice

    Owner/ Lead Wellness Coach

    "We're committed to help your managers gain the skills and compassion it takes to inspire people, to bring dignity and respect to your office, and to help your business grow stronger and more resilient."


  • When you care deeply for the health and wellness of each valued employee,
    you practice sustainability at its core."


    - Leah Crescenzo, Bija Initiative Founder

  • Help Your Company Thrive in Stressful Times

    Our goal is to help you break the cycle of stress at work and help your employees find meaning, purpose and human connection. According to extensive research done by Jacqueline Carter who wroteThe Mind of the Leader, organizations and leaders are failing to meet employees' basic human needs of finding meaning, purpose, connection, and genuine happiness. In fact, she also learned there is also a high level of suffering in the workplace: 35 percent of employees would forgo a pay raise to see their leaders fired. This is unacceptable.


    We're committed to your employees and the coworkers you care about—to help them find the same kind of passion and purpose that we've found. We help employees become the very best version of themselves. By teaching the skill of mindfulness, we build employees’ capabilities around resilience and self-awareness. With compassion, we work to expand your employees’ capability and inspire them to live more fully. When leaders are compassionate, their people know they have their back.

    A Solution: Upgrade the Nervous System

    The state of the American workplace has many side effects, but perhaps the most damaging is stress. Deepak Chopra calls stress the number one epidemic of our civilization, causing people to fall victim to mental and physical disease.

    When an employee is facing a challenge, her nervous system and mind instantly go into a stress reaction of “fight or flight.”

    • It has been shown that an average person goes through this cycle 12 times each day. 
    • Unless you are actually fleeing a tiger or wild beast, this reactive stress cycle is not healthy. 
    • The release of adrenaline and epinephrine affects digestion, heart rate, the immune system, and an employee’s overall well-being.

    We have an ancient solution to this epidemic: upgrade the nervous system. The tools of mindfulness, breathing, and yoga stop this process before it begins, so the person is able to respond rather than react. In addition, they are able to do so from a clear, focused state of mind. When this happens, stress can even become your ally.


    As you practice meditation, you might find you communicate more effectively, you are more productive, and you begin to reap the benefits of happiness and health.

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